SafeGuard will provide your company with the physical infrastructure to implement a secure document destruction program. Collection containers are free of charge to our customers.

Placed in strategic locations in your office, collection containers control your disposal process and prevent loss of confidential information.


Boxes come in many shapes and sizes but we usually price boxes based on a Banker box or transfile box.

  • Banker Box: 10" h x 15" d x 12" w
  • Transfile Box: 10" h x 15" d x 24" w


Our standard console sizes are 27" and 36" which work great for office environments. This is a piece of furniture which has a dead bolt lock and a side slot where you can put your material for shredding. Most customers prefer these consoles because the console has usable space on top. We have seen customers place fax machines, printers, and other items on top of the console.

  • 27" Console: 27 7/8 H x 21" D x 20" w - Capacity is approx. 75-85 lbs
  • 36" Console: 36.75 H x 21" D x 20" w - Capacity is approx. 85-100 lbs

Toters & Bins

Our standard toter sizes are 96 Gallon and 64 Gallon which are great for mail rooms, warehouses, or other areas where space is not a constraint. Each toter comes with a lock which SafeGuard and you the customer have a key to.

  • 96 Gallon: 36" x 24.25" x 42" - Capacity is approx. 300-350 lbs
  • 64 Gallon: 32" x 29.75" x 42" - Capacity is approx. 200-250 lbs